Dementia and Alzheimer’s Conference

alzheimers and dementia summit
alzheimers and dementia summit

Enhance Education, Research, and Care with Our Dementia and Alzheimer’s Conference

Discover a transformative conference that’s at the forefront of dementia and Alzheimer’s research and care. Tailored for professionals in the care sector, this event equips attendees with invaluable insights, tools, and resources. With a focus on enhancing education and research, our association brings together like-minded individuals committed to improving the lives of people affected by dementia. Join this dynamic conference to gain fresh perspectives and make a difference in dementia care.  

About Dementia Summit Conference & Exhibition

Exhibitors at Our Conference

At our conference, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with an array of exhibitors specialising in dementia, technology, training, and business growth. These exhibitors offer valuable services and products designed to elevate your dementia care business and its potential. Explore their offerings and discover innovative solutions that can make a real difference in the lives of people affected by dementia.  


Networking is an essential part of our conference experience, offering you the opportunity to establish valuable connections within the dementia and Alzheimer’s sector. Throughout the programme, take advantage of dedicated networking breaks, where you can engage with like-minded professionals all gathered in one place. 

To cap off the day, join us at our networking drinks reception, where you can mingle with speakers, exhibitors, and fellow delegates. Enjoy a free drink while reflecting on the day’s insights, fostering new relationships, and unwinding in a convivial atmosphere.  



The Dementia Summit takes place at the prestigious King’s Fund venue, nestled in the heart of London’s vibrant West End. With its proximity to major London railway stations and tube lines, attending the conference is both convenient and enjoyable.  

The King’s Fund, an independent charitable organization dedicated to improving health and care in England, aligns seamlessly with our values and mission. Join us in this exceptional setting for a transformative experience in dementia and Alzheimer’s research and care. 

Why Attend Our Dementia and Alzheimer’s Conference?

Attending our Dementia and Alzheimer’s Conference is a pivotal opportunity for anyone invested in the field. With a comprehensive programmed covering vital topics, access to expert speakers, and networking possibilities, it’s a gateway to deeper understanding and progress in dementia and Alzheimer’s research and care. Discover the latest insights, connect with industry leaders, and be part of the movement dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by dementia. 

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