See below for our 2023 programme for inspiration. The new programme will be announced soon.

*The programme is subject to change

Time Programme
08:30 - 09:25 Registration, Networking and Exhibition
09:25 - 09:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair
09:30 - 09:55 Peter’s Story - Living Well with Dementia Post-Diagnosis Deb Bunt and Peter Berry, Authors, Living Well with Dementia

09:55 - 10:20 Understanding the Dementia Care Landscape in England Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive, Care England ...Are we any closer to a brighter future regarding dementia care in England?
Dementia care and the need to substantial increases in funding to move towards a sustainability.
Why is it more critical than ever to introduce a fully funded plan for carers and the dementia care workforce.

10:20 - 10:45 Bringing Purpose and Joy to People With Memory Loss Jackie Pool Dementia Care Champion, QCS ...Why person-centered care must focus on the individual as opposed to activities.
Enabling people with dementia to improve in everyday function and achieve a sense of accomplishment.
What might life enrichment look like in the future?

10:45 - 11:15 Morning Coffee Break and Exhibition
11:15 - 12:00 Panel - Understanding the Personal Experiences of Facing a Life with Dementia Chaired by Jackie Pool, Dementia Care Champion, QCS Bill Wilson, Volunteer, Dementia Matters and Former Unpaid Carer Dr Isabelle Latham, Researcher-in-Residence, Hallmark Care Homes Jackie Tuppen, Nurse Practitioner, Cogs Clubs Peter Berry, Author, Living Well with Dementia ...What do those living with dementia want people to know?
Understanding the pathway after diagnosis – what next?
What can be done to enable people with dementia and their families to move forward?
Positive actions that can support people with dementia to live positively following diagnosis.

12:00 - 12:30 Dementia as a Major Condition - Implications for the Future Paul Edwards Director of Clinical Services, Dementia UK ...What is being done across Government to better understand neurodegenerative diseases?
How will the focus on new medicines and emerging science be harnessed to improve patient outcomes?
How NHS funding will reduce the backlog of diagnoses caused by COVID.
What actions are needed now to reduce preventable dementia?

12:30 - 13:30 Networking Lunch
13:30 - 14:15 Panel – Memory, Diagnosis, Relationships and Communication in Dementia Chaired by Jan Burns, MBE, Chair, National Dignity Council Isobel Jones, CEO, Alive Paul Blane, Managing Director, Care Business Associate Training Jacqueline Cannon FRSA, Chief Executive, The Lewy Body Society Dr Natalie Yates-Bolton, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, University of Salford ...What therapies are available for people with mild to moderate dementia?
Understanding the impact of when the early signs of dementia are missed.
Enhancing the approach to communicating with someone who has dementia
How can care staff and relatives develop an understating of how effective communication can lead to better outcomes for people with dementia?
The importance of interaction for those in a care home setting or at home setting

14:15 - 14:45 Unravelling the Financial and Legal Complexities of the Dementia Journey Sara Wilcox CEO, Pathways Through Dementia ...What is the long-term impact of COVID on people living with dementia financially?
How have lockdowns and isolation affected access to post-diagnosis care legal support?
What changes to dementia care funding be implemented now?

14:45 - 15:15 Afternoon Break
15:15 - 15:40 Brain Health and the Latest Research into Dementia Prevention Professor Sir John Hardy Chair, Molecular Biology, Neurological Disease, UCL Institute of Neurology and Group Leader at UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL ...What have the latest clinical trials taught us about reducing the chances of getting dementia?
What are the specific roles of early detection, primary and secondary prevention and pharmacological interventions?
How do we move from an illness model to a health model?

15:40 - 16:10 People First – Improving Outcomes for People with Dementia Staying at Home Anna Moss, Head of Nursing Nick Long, Consultant Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust ...What measures can be implemented to improve the experiences for people with dementia staying in their own homes?
What training for carers of people with dementia at home can lead to a supportive and engaging environment without placing large demands on the carer?
Why a lack of education can be a significant barrier to successful at-home care
What is the role of people in executive and managerial positions in supporting aged care training to manage changes in behaviour with people with dementia?

16:10 - 16:15 Chair’s Closing Remarks
16:15 - 17:00 Networking Drinks and Exhibition
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